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Bhigwan - For Ducks & Waterfowl - 26th to 27th Jan, 2013

Dates: 26th Jan, 2013 (Saturday) to 27th Jan, 2013 (Sunday) - Mumbai to Bhigwan & back. The bookings for Bhigwan trip is on…..register NOW to get your seats, before it gets Houseful as usual ....... Please See complete details (Iterinary, Logistics, Charges etc) at the end of this Blog.....

BHIGWAN - The Big One for Waterbirds

Imagine a water body full of ducks, waders, storks & other waterbirds, and not just one but many such water bodies!! This amazing place is called "Bhigwan". Bhigwan is known among bird-watchers with many nick-names like, "Mini-Bharatpur of Maharashtra", "Big-one for waterfowls", "Waterfall of waterfowls" (indicating abundance of water birds) etc..

North Indian wetlands like, Bharatpur, Sultanpur etc. are known for huge influx of waterfowls, especially ducks, as compared to South India. But Bhigwan is an exception. This place is "One of the largest wetlands in South Central India" that offers immensely satisfying birding with absolutely huge congregations of waterfowl..... It has become a ritual of sorts now for birdwatchers to visit this amazing place every year.

Bhigwan is a small town approx. 110 kms from Pune on the Pune – Solapur road (NH-9) and is surrounded by the backwaters of the mighty Ujjani Dam on the river Bhima. It is a proposed sanctuary for migratory birds, an area of about 18000 hectares. The backwater area is spread across and around the town of Bhigwan……..This is probably the best spot in South Central India to see ducks in enormous numbers.

Bhigwan is a heaven for wintering waterfowl like the Spoonbills, Gulls, Ducks, Storks, Herons, Egrets, Coots, Pochards, Harriers, Osprey and a huge variety of waders and birds like Pratincoles, Pipits,  Larks, Chats etc that abound in the surrounding dry countryside…..a small population of Greater flamingos, also winter here regularly and can be presently seen.....Being an open habitat, it is also very easy to spot the birds and for photography.

With most of the waterbodies drying up elsewhere, Bhigwan remains as a stronghold for wintering migrants till the end of March. It is one of the best places in Maharashtra to see Comb Ducks, Painted Storks, Brahminy Ducks, Cotton Pigmy Goose, Eurasian Spoonbills, Small Pratincoles, Eurasian Wigeons, Common Teals, Northern Shovellers, Northern Pintails, Common Pochards etc. A weekend trip to this "now famous" wetland is highly recommended to view and learn about birds.

For more information on this site and for some delightful trip reports of last year, please click the links below;

Nature India has meticulously planned a weekend trip to this amazing place – Bhigwan, from 26th to 27th January, 2013 the details are given below.

Tour Iterinary & Other Details:

Dates:26th Jan 2013 (Saturday) Morning 6.30 AM to 27th Jan 2013 (Sunday) 10.00 PM.

Mode of Travel: Non AC Minibus

Stay on 26th Jan'13 Night: Decent Hotel in Baramati, MIDC road, 22kms from Bhigwan, for staying on twin sharing basis……

Route & Itinerary:

26th Jan'13: 
Mor. 6.30 AM departure from Mumbai (Dadar or Bandra) – Sion - Chembur -- Vashi (Breakfast @Hotel Navratna) – Belapur -- Pune – Solapur Road – Lunch at Bhigwan @ 2.30 pm - Birdwatching in evening at Diksal, Bhigwan – Eve. proceed to Hotel – Revision and discussion on Birds – Delicious dinner- Overnight Stay

27th Jan'13: Early morning (6.00 AM) checkout from Hotel and departure to Bhigwan – Birdwatching at Kumbhargaon, Bhigwan – "Mouth watering" Lunch at Hotel Sagar, Bhigwan at 2.00 pm (a-la-carte) – Start at 3.00 pm to return back to Mumbai – reach Mumbai at approx. 10.00 PM.

Important Note: This trip involves long bus travel, so be prepared

Trip charges: Rs. 4500 /- only (Includes non- A/C room stay Hotel in Baramati, on twin sharing basis, Travel charges from Mumbai to Bhigwan & back in a non-AC minibus, Veg / non-veg meals & Breakfast, Information articles, Entry charges, Guide fees & on board snacks and mineral water)

This does not include any charges other than the above.

Registration: You can register by sending a confirmation mail to and by paying a full amount of Rs.4500/- after our registration confirmation by email only.

Resource Persons: Mr. Adesh Shivkar / Mr. Mandar Khadilkar

Mode of Payment: You can either
1) Transfer the advance money directly to HDFC A/c (Please call Mandar @ 9930318665 or 9967518665 for A/c No.).. please mention your name, date and other details….

2) Courier a cheque of Rs.4500/- as full amount (Please call Mandar @ 9930318665 for postal address)

Please Note:
1) Once registered, the advance amount of Rs. 4500/- is strictly non-refunadable
2) Alcohol & Smoking is strictly prohibited on Nature India Tours
3) Nesting photography is prohibited.
4) Kindly register on this trip only if you agree with  Nature India's rules and policies 

Please revert on ID, in case you need any clarification ......

For any other queries we are available on 9869071091 or 9820455713 (Adesh) and 9930318665 or 9967518665 (Mandar)

Thanks for your patience.

Looking forward for a very rewarding trip with you all !!

Warm Regards,

Adesh Shivkar & Mandar Khadilkar
Nature India
Appreciate, Respect & Conserve

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  1. Thank you Nature India, for the most wonderful experience or shall I say learning at Bhigwan. More than the number of birds I saw, its the way I saw them that has really touched me. Its very very rare to see birds in action. That is when they are preying, how they are preying, their ways of wooing and mating, territorial displays etc. And we were extrememly fortunate this time to see how the storks and the ibis and the gulls were preying, their ways of eating their prey....and that too at such close quarters.
    All my nature trips have been very very spiritual and guiding to me. So I call the wilderness as my 'Guardian Angel'. amazingly, I get all my answers from the Nature. ALways. And I am very very thankful to Adesh and Mandar for introducing Nature to me in such a way. To feel connected with the Nature is to be one with it...and i realize "I AM NATURE". Above all, I got to me meet such beautiful and wonderful people...all Nature enthusiasts...from totaly different walks of life that I must accept, in toto, what Adesh says.."Nature is every human's innate calling and thats why all of us are drawn to it...find peace in its embrace".
    Looking forward to many more learnings and insightful trips with Natureindia....



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