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Kaas, Satara (The Plateau of Flowers) - Special Batch - 30th Sept & 01st Oct.2016

Nature India announces A Special Batch to most popular trip to Kaas Plateau, Satara- The Plateau of Flowers..... With prolonged rains the flowers at Kaas Plateau will be still in bloom and hence announcing this special two day batch on 30th September and 01st October 2016..... the bookings are on  (For knowing complete details, like Itinerary, Charges, Logistics etc... you will have to see the details at the end.)


Important Notice: The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has recently included Kaas Plateau of flowers (near Satara, in Maharashtra) in the list of World Natural Heritage sites. However, In recent years the Popularity of Kaas has increased many folds and the increase in numbers of tourists have resulted in a direct or indirect impact on its bio-diversity.  The lack of proper guidelines and limited patrolling by the forest department is causing a tremendous stress to this fragile ecosystem.  Without any proper regulation and control, Kaas has unfortunately turned into a picnic spot, with rowdy tourists plucking and trampling flowers, parking vehicles on the plateau, littering garbage and creating a mess. .... Hence we propose the following guidelines to be followed when visiting Kaas. Please take a note that, those of you who are interested to travel with  Nature India to Kaas Plateau, these guidelines will be implemented and binding on all of us. Kindly register, only if you agree on these guidelines.

Have a look at this blog by our participants in Sept. 2012, to know how we conduct the tour (This was also published in the English daily newspaper "Mumbai Mirror"). 

There are some places in Maharashtra, where you will feel blessed. One such place is Kaas Plateau, Satara. This "Out of the world" place deserves to be visited every year in the month of September to witness not only the amazing carpets & diversity of wild flowers, but also the serene atmosphere that mesmerizes one's soul.....

Sure, you all must have heard about “Valley of flowers” in Himalayas where hundreds of varieties of wild flowers of all colours bloom in August – September every year….where the valley transforms into no less than a “Heaven” ……hundreds of visitors toil several kms to reach this valley and to experience the bliss.

However, not many know that a similar (though, probably not as majestic as the Himalayan site) place exists in Maharashtra…..its a “Plateau of flowers”….. famously known as “Kaas plateau” situated approx. 25 kms from Satara city and is now also declared by UNESCO as one of the World's Natural heritage site.

The lateritic plateau of Kaas becomes home to millions of tiny flowers in late monsoons. The whole spectacle is beyond words. More than 500 varieties of wild flowers, herbs, orchids, shrubs, insectivorous plants etc. can be seen here in Aug and Sep (Best time is 1st to 30th September)…..depending on monsoon. This plateau overlooks the lush evergreen forests that serves as a water catchment area of Koyna Dam and which is recently declared as “Sahyadri Tiger reserve” ……….

In monsoon the whole area transforms into an unbelievable carpets of (Tiny) flowers like yellow carpets of Smithia and Sonki flowers, Pink carpets of Balsam, Purple carpets of Karvi etc….apart from a wide variety of different species of wild flowers. While the top plateau is adorned with these carpets, the Ghat road that leads to the Plateau are full of flower diversity which includes Ipomeas, Vigna vexillata, Impatiens, Buckwheat, Glory Lilies, Chlorophytum and several interesting herbs and shrubs which should not me missed. However, most flowers in Kaas are minute.

There are flowers which have fascinating pollination methods, while some have unique shapes......some are Rare and endangered, while some have magnificent colours...... Anyone going to Kaas, should not just see the carpets, but also not leave an opportunity to see this diversity...... This is the reason why Nature India organizes a 3 day trip to Kaas and try to change the perspective of looking at the amazing world on wild flowers.

It is a dream destination not only for avid botanists but also for those who appreciate nature. These carpets change colours almost every week depending on the dominant flowers during that time.

The place is also unique forming a typical "table top" landscape where you can see the red patches of laterite rocks typically called ‘Sadaa’ in Marathi.

Thoseghar Waterfalls:
Thoseghar is situated in Satara District with most enchanting natural surroundings, along with beautiful views of windmills at nearby Chalkewadi. During the Monsoon season Thoseghar is always a prime attraction for the people. Thoseghar is famous for its high Waterfalls that are attractive and create a loud noise in the calm nature. These waterfalls are also accompanied by a clean lake, dark woods and massive hilly terrain. The main waterfall is about 115 mts in height, however, one can only get a glimpse from a distance.

From the parking space, the waterfalls are a few minutes walk, through well wooded countryside. The falls are situated in a steep U shaped valley, with the main falls at the apex of the 'U' and smaller falls on one side of the 'U'. On the other side, a viewing platform has been created for observers to enjoy this wonderful display of nature.

You can see a video clip of this marvelous waterfall.
Bird Life: Though our focus is always on the flowers of Kaas plateau, we wont be missing out on the birdlife which abounds here with some good sightings expected of Crested Buntings, Malabar Crested Larks, Oriental White-eyes, Bonelli’s Eagle. It is a heaven for Macro photography too.

Nature India once again brings you their signature tour of Kaas Plateau, Satara that   is meticulously planned and combines learning, sensitivity and also loads of fun. Our passionate resource persons will make your visit to this amazing place a trip to remember. Please find the details below.

For trip reports by other  Nature India participants, click here.
Complete Trip Details
Though the trip will be focused on watching the flora and to learn more about them, we would also not miss the other fauna such as birds, butterflies and amphibians that are found in plenty there….

30th Sep, 2016 morning 6.30 am to 01st Oct, 2016 eve 10.00 pm (Friday and Saturday)
Resource persons: Mr.Adesh Shivkar & Mr.Mandar Khadilkar

Mode of Travel : By AC Tempo traveller (20 seater) from Mumbai (considering the extensive travel to cover the area and also the to and fro travel from Hotel to the Plateau everyday)

Rough Itinerary:
1) 30th Sept 2016 - Friday (Day 1) : Depart for Satara from Borivali (East) at 6.00 am…..Breakfast on the way (In Vashi  @ 07:30 hrs).....reach by around 1.30 pm- Check in Hotel – Lunch – Proceed to Thoseghar Waterfalls and Chalkewadi Plateau (which is another good spot to see diversity of flowers) .... return by 7 pm... Dinner & Stay in Hotel Suruban

2) 01st October 2016 - Saturday (Day 2) : Check-out from hotel and start early morning to the plateau to experience the grandeur of floral carpets on the plateau .... Lunch on the way and depart for Mumbai – reach Bandra (E) by 10.00 pm (No Dinner).

Trip Charges: Rs.6600/-
Includes Stay at Hotel Suruban in Satara on a twin sharing basis in Non AC rooms, Travel by AC tempo traveller (20 seater), Entry fees, parking charges, veg meals, Articles on Kaas and Wild flowers, on board snacks and Mineral water…….

Age limit: 10 to 65 years....this trip involves extensive travel time (6 hrs from Mumbai to Satara) and also getting in and out of bus several times....apart from long walking trail on the plateau.

This does not include any charges other then the above... the camera charges (As per the equipment) have to be borne by the respective participants.

Please be prepared for long walks to reach the plateau...

Important Note: Due to huge influx of tourists in Kaas, the forest dept. have imposed certain regulations and restrictions from last year and these will be intensified this year. Hence request all to be prepared for any sudden restrictions and hike in fees.... and co-operate with us.

Mode of Payment
Registration: You can register by sending a non-refundable advance of Rs.4500/- and a mail to Your seats will be confirmed only after our registration confirmation by return email only..... the remaining amount will be collected in the bus on the day of travel.

Stay Arrangement: Hotel "Suruban"….. an absolute basic hotel with simple touch, located away from the hustle & bustle of city. The Stay arrangement is on a twin sharing basis in non AC rooms. The cottages are very simple but spacious & clean with lovely Garden and as per our budget. 

Payment: You can either
1) Transfer the advance money directly to my HDFC A/c : (Please call Mandar@ 9930318665 for A/c no.) .... please mention your name, date and other details….
2) Courier a cheque of Rs.4500/- to the following address

Name: Mr.Mandar Khadilkar
Address: Flat No.2, Ground Floor, Blossom CHSL, Below Shantighan Hospital, LM Road, Kandarpada, Dahisar-West, Mumbai - 400068.

Please Note:
1) The seats will be confirmed only against the advance amount on first come basis.
2) Once registered, the advance amount of Rs. 4500/- is strictly non-refunadable
3) Alcohol & Smoking is strictly prohibited on Nature India Tours
4) Plucking flowers or collecting specimens is strictly not allowed in our tours
5) Kindly register on this trip only if you agree with  Nature India's rules and policies

Please reply to us, in case you need any clarifications …..

For any other queries we are available on  9820455713 / 9869071091 (Adesh) or 9930318665 / 9967518665 (Mandar) or 

Click here to view some images from this amazing place…….
Hope to see you for this wonderful trip

Thanks for your patience.

Warm Regards,

Adesh Shivkar & Mandar Khadilkar

Some Memories of Nature India tours

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